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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pura Lempuyang,Temple of God Iswara

 In the various sources of ejection or ancient inscriptions, there are three large temples which are often called in addition to  Besakih  and Ulun Danu Batur, the temple Lempuyang. Pura Luhur Lempuyang located at the top of Mount Bisbis or Mount Lempuyang, Karangasem. This temple is  believed to  include  the oldest  in Bali. In fact, it is estimated  there  in the days of pre-Hindu-Buddhist shrine which was originally made ​​of stone. Pura Lempuyang is the temple for the god Iswara. How is the embryo of the founding of Temple Lempuyang?
There is an information based on shooting from outer space, on the eastern tip of Bali island appears very bright light. Most light than other parts. But not known for sure from where the beam area, it is suspected of Mount Lempuyang.
About the meaning of Lempuyang, there are various versions. In a book published by the Office of Culture of Bali (1998) entitled''Lempuyang Luhur''is mentioned," lempuyang" derived from the word''lampu''(=light) and "hyang" {meaning to refer to God, like Hyang Widhi). From that word  lempuyang interpreted holy light of God that brightly lit. Pura Hyang Lempuyang is "stana" of the god Iswara. 
Another legend say that Batara Hyang Pasupati sent three sons and daughters down to cuddle in order to maintain the stability of Bali from various natural disasters destruction. The three sons and daughter were the Bathara Hyang Putra Jaya  in Tohlangkir (Mount) Agung with the temple in Pura Besakih,   Goddess Dewi Danu in Ulun  Batur (lake Batur) and Batara Hyang Gni Jaya on Mount Lempuyang.

However, whatever version of lempuyang it, Pura Lempuyang itself has a very big status, just like Besakih. Both in concept Buwana padma, nutmeg or even chess workshops Gods Nawa sanga. In the various sources of ejection or ancient inscriptions, there are three large temples which are often referred besides Ulun Danu Batur Besakih and the Lempuyang.

Pura Luhur Lempuyang located very high on the top of Mount or Mount Lempuyang Bisbis that, allegedly including the oldest temple in Bali. In fact, it is estimated there in the days of pre-Hindu-Buddhist shrine which was originally made of stone.

At about 1950 on the establishment of Pura Luhur Lempuyang now, there were only piles of stones and the great studio made from a tree. In eastern  stood a big Sidhakarya tree which is now no allegedly fallen or dead. It was only in 1960 built two"padma Kembar", a "padma Tunggal" and Bale piyasan". Now, refurbishment and restoration of temples increased.

Acccording to a number of ancient sources, Jero Gede Mangku Wangi - stakeholders in the temple was - to say nothing of the Balinese must not forget this temple. At least once took pray to this temple. Because, if not ever forget to praise God or a manifestation  in this temple, as long as life can never find happiness, often quarreled with the family or community and even shorter life.

Jero Gede Mangku Wangi say, to start learning science, especially the Hindu religious science, very good if it starts to beg the blessing at Temple Lempuyang Luhur. In addition, many officials prefer come to this temple.

Jero Gede Mangku Wangi convey, at Temple Lempuyang Luhur  there are "Holy Water" in the bamboo tree which grows in the area Pura Luhur. When people praying here, stakeholders temple  would cut a bamboo tree after finish the praying. Holy water / tirta of the bamboo tree usually used in various ceremonies, except Manusa Yadnya. ''Whoever can not do bad as insipid in the temple, if you do not want to hit the distress,''said Jero Mangku.

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