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Friday, December 23, 2011

Pura Giri Putri, A Place to Request Any Blessing

The life of Hindus in Bali and Indonesia generally, can not be separated from the activities of religious ritual. Every day ritual ceremonies are always held, ranging from the smallest level (home) to larger (in temples). Of course, in the hope of prosperity and welfare. With srada and devotion truly sincere, holy, Nirmala, certainly very much hope people can realize the goal of life Moksartam jagatdhita ye ca iti dharma. For the temple, one can visit many locations scattered throughout Bali. Until outside Bali and even abroad. What about Bali?

In Bali, one of which can be addressed is the Pura Goa Giri Putri. Exactly, if people come to this temple of grace pleading inner and outer well-being, order cheap sustenance, easier way to success in business, live peace, harmony and harmonious household and invoke the grace and the other the benefit of mankind. Goa or a cave is a place / large or small hole in the ground, either diperbukitan or mountain which has a cavity with a certain width and length. Giri means hill / mountain. Putri or Princess means beautiful woman. In the concept of Hinduism, the daughter in question is a symbolic for power / magic power of God that has a motherly nature (feminine). So, Goa Giri Putri intended as a hole that has a cavity, the space of a certain size as a place of power / magic power of God in its manifestation in the form of a woman / beautiful woman called Hyang Giri Putri that no other is one of magic and power Lord Shiva in his form as a. Another name of Giri Putri is Godess Laksmi or Mother Durga.

 Giri Putri cave located at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level. Has a length of about 310 meters and there are 6 places to pray / pelinggih. Before 1990, Goa Giri Putri was a cave used as a local tourist attraction, especially during the day, and Brass Galungan. In addition to the existing water in the garden of holy water made Goa / tirta (mainly by people Karangsari) series with the holding of the ceremony Panca Yadnya. As a form of preservation and maintaining the presence of Princess Giri Goa as a place of worship as well as spiritual and cultural attractions, later, came the idea to build pelinggih pelinggih as a place of worship to the gods who dwell in the Pura Goa Giri Putri.
There are six pelinggih(building to worship) and power of God that sitteth in the temple Goa Giri Putri, They are : Pelinggih Hyang Tri Purusa, Pelinggih Hyang Wasuki, Pelinggih Hyang Giripati, Pelinggih Hyang Giri Putri, Pelinggih Payogan and Pelinggih Hyang Amrita Shiva, Sri Sedana / Queen and Goddess Kwam Im Syahbandar .
 Not only when piodalan/cermony which took place on Purnamaning Kalima, Pura Goa Giri Princess visited by pemedek/prayer always crowded every day. Moreover, Pura Goa Giri Putri get listed in the row of temples that serve the spiritual attraction of Nusa Penida. Not only Hindus, national high officials also often pray at Pura Goa Giri Putri, especially when there are activities in the District Nusa Penida.

Hyang Ganapati and Tri Purusa
here even we can't see the mouth of the cave

If visit to pray to Pura Goa Giri Putri, while down in the parking and then cross the street, directly opposite the road pemedek staircase-steps (stairs), amounting to 110 steps. Up above, meets the first pelinggih (Pelinggih Hyang Tri Purusa) in the form of a Padmasana which is directly in front of the mouth of the cave. Bendesa Pakraman Karangsari I Nyoman Dunia, S.Pd. and Stakeholder Pura Goa Giri Princess Ketut Darma, the MBA said, according to the instructions received by the noetic often supernatural, which malinggih in pelinggih it is the strength of Ida Sang Hyang Hyang Widhi in its manifestations as Tri Purusa (the teachings of Shiva Sidantha) consisting of Paramasiwa, Sadasiwa and Siwatma. Paramasiwa means Nirguna-Brahman ie God in a state of Nirguna / holy pure without being exposed to the influence of maya. Eternal, unchanging, not born and never dies, wyapi wyapaka nirwikara and others. Sadasiwa ie, Saguna-brahman, God in a state of Saguna (Almighty), supernatural, sacred and noble. While Siwatma the influence of God in cyberspace which is the source of life or jiwatma for all beings. Thus, the power of God who was worshiped at first that the pelinggih Hyang Tri Purusa. Where, where bless begged protection from any negative influences, inner and outer happiness and requested guidance in performing tasks of life.

   After praying at Pelinggih Tri Purusa, pemedek continued to enter the area of ​​Goa Giri Putri. The first impression for anyone who  come for the first time to this temple is, it will definitely feel scared, worried and thought could not enter because when he saw a small cave mouth only can be crossed one person. However, these thoughts will disappear, when pemedek already entered the cave area. Small mouth of the cave will only pass about 3 meters. The rest, pemedek be amazed by the wonders that exist and certainly did not expect that the cavity of the cave is very wide and high, is expected to accommodate up to 5,000 persons pemedek.

Hyang Basuki and  Lord Wisnu

 Once through the tunnel, the second pelinggih pemedek again found, namely in the form Pelinggih Hyang Wasuki Sapta Petala. Wasuki Hyang is one manifestation of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa with the nature of helper, savior and who give prosperity. Because Hyang Wasuki realized in the form of a scaly dragon full of gold trinkets sparkling pearl and crown to tail. Hyang Wasuki also preserves the natural balance of the bottom (pertiwi) for the safety and welfare of mankind and other creatures. Hence, Hindus Tangkil in this pelinggih always requested safety, peace and tranquility of the people in general and especially the family. 

Pelinggih Dewi Gangga

After doing worship in Pelinggih Hyang Wasuki, we'll continue praying in the third form of Padmasana. This is the place for Hyang Giripati / Shiva, place for pelukatan and Penyineban Ida Batara. In this pelinggih, before pemedek do worship, shall purify the Dasa Mala first by pleading tirta pelukatan to Ida Hyang Putri, Goddess Ganga and Hyang Giri Pati for all papa klesa, Sarva roga and the things that are asuri sampat, both scale nor could noetic purified, melted down and destroyed. ''After the procession pelukatan finished, there was praying in front Pelinggih Pasupati pelukatan Giripati to invoke our inner outwardly so that regardless of the negative things,''said Nyoman Bendesa World.

The Stairs to the wall of the cave,where the Peliggih Giri Putri is.
 The next worship is the fourth-place, pelinggih Hyang Giri Putri. Before you climb the stairs, pemedek first encounter a form of pelinggih Ida Ratu Tangkeb Langit as a guard Ida Hyang Giri Putri. Because, to be known, having been in the area, will be found Pelinggih Hyang Giri Putri adjoining the Pengaruman as symbols of gods and goddesses in the form of statues and Rambut Sedana. The most unique of these pelinggih, namely the presence situation that its built in the middle of the cave wall. Here, pemedek can invoke the grace to realize the expectations of life. Pemedek can also apply for a cure by sprinkling holy Tirta by stakeholders / elders / pelingsir group that previously preceded by begging permission from Hyang Giri Putri, Hyang Tri Purusa, Hyang Giri Pati, Hyang Wasuki, Hyang Mahadeva, Sri Hyang Kwam Im and Goddess Rambut Sedana. There is also Pelinggih Payogan. This form pelinggih Padmasana, actually in a room with Giri Putri. The distance is about 7 meters. Special place to do penance, yoga and meditation. A wise man often mentioned as a place of Ida Ratu Niyang - Ratu Kakiang. There is also a calling Ida Hyang Giri Putri and Linggih Shiva in the form of Tri Purusa.

Pelinggih of Amrita Shiva, Sri Sedana and Goddess Kwam im 

 Finally, Pelinggih Hyang Amrita Shiva, Sri Sedana and Goddess Kwam im Syahbandar . This Pelinggih is located at the southeastern tip, where pemedek can clearly see the beam of sunlight that seemed to give the sacred torch of light sparkle Sang Hyang Surya. In pelinggih area, there are two places Padmasana pelinggih worship for Siva Hyang Amrita / Mahadeva and Gedongsari Linggih Ida Hyang Sri Sedana / Queen Syahbandar, Ratu Ayu Mas Melanting and two statues Kwam Lev. Everything is Gods Gracious, Merciful, the Compassionate, Helper, Wisdom and Prosperity gods. In general, this place is a fusion concept of Shiva-Buddha and home to beg grace pemedek inner and outer well-being, so that cheap food, watered down the road to success in business, live peace, harmony and harmonious household and begged grace of the benefit of mankind and others.

Jro Mangku Gde Giri Putri

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