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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pura Pusering Jagat,The Center of The Universe

Pura Pusering Jagat
Pura Pusering Jagat Banner
Just ask where the center of the world to the citizens of Pejeng Village, Gianyar,Bali, then deftly they would say that at Temple Pusering Jagat is the place. For those at Temple Pusering Jagat beginnings of life and civilization of the world. The conviction was most likely due to Pusering Jagat does mean center of the universe.

 Pura Pusering Jagat is an important temple in Bali. This temple is one of the six temples including the celestial universe is positioned in the middle. In Hindu cosmology, the middle is sthana (dwelling place) of Lord Shiva.

Main Gate of Pura Pusering Jagat
Kori Agung,The Gate

 Pusering Jagat Pura is located in the village Pejeng that in the past is central to the kingdom of Bali Kuna. Many believe that the word comes from the word "pajeng". Pajeng meaning umbrella. From this village the kings of Bali Kuna umbrella for people. However, there is also a suspect Pejeng word derived from the shelf (Old Javanese) which means light. It is believed, from where the rays emitted brilliance to the entire universe.

In ancient lontar(book),Pura Pusering Jagat also known as Tasik or central ocean. Naming it will remind people of the Hindu to the Adi Parwa which tells the story of the struggle of the Gods in seeking Amertha tirtha (water of life) in the middle of the ocean Ksirarnawa.

In this temple there are statues that show that this temple is a place of worship of Shiva as the statue of Ganesha (the son of Siva), Durga (Shiva magic), are also statues Bhairawa. There are also statues shaped male sex (purusa) and women (pradana). In Hinduism, Purusa and Pradana are God's first creation. Purusa is the psychological seeds, whereas seeds Pradana material. Purusa and Pradana this meeting gave birth to life and harmony.

Sangku Sudamala,Holy Vessel at Pura Pusering Jagat
Vessel Of  Sudamala

 In this temple there are also ancient relics shaped vessel called sangku Sudamala overflow symbolizing the holy water for life. Inside there are pictures sangku Sudamala digits indicating the year Saka 1251.

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