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Friday, March 20, 2015

Nyepi,The Way Balinese Save The Earth Since Along Time Ago

Balinese People (read : Hindus) held many days of ceremonial. We do thanksgiving every days,weekly,monthly,yearly and so on. Even we celebrate two kind of ceremony and its ritual in a single day.
Hindu Holidays,great days or ceremonial days here count or comes with two type of calendar system.  The major is using Pawukon System. The Holidays that using this system comes one in 210 days, one circle of wuku,where each contains 30 wuku(weeks).
Every week has a name,they are:sinta, landep, ukir, kulantir, tulu, gumbreg, wariga, warigadian, julungwangi, sungsang, dungulan, kuningan, langkir, medangsia, pujut, pahang, krulut,  merakih, tambir, medangkungan, matal, uye, menail, prangbakat, bala, ugu, wayang, kelawu, dukut, and watugunung.
There are many holidays using this pawukon system ,including Galungan and Kuningan and Temple Ceremony mostly.

The other system is base on lunar calender. We have Icaka Calender, which is start on year 78, means year 2015 is Icaka 1937. In each month there are two major day that Balinese Hindu make a worships to the Gods. The days are Purnama(full moon) and  Tilem (dead moon).
Holidays that using Icaka lunar calendar are Nyepi (Silent day) and Siva Ratri.

How if the both two system meet???
Yes,this year it happen to us,especially in my village. We celebrate a temple ceremony during the step of big day of Nyepi held. Of course the worship doubled. The happiness twice than usual. Here i post some pict of activity during the days.

 All above are melasti ceremony at Pererenan beach, a ritual for purify the cosmic,bot micro and macro cosmic. One of the part before the Nyepi day.

All the pic above are "pangrupukan", the Nyepi eve, a very noise activity. Kids and teen perfoming Ogoh-ogoh. A giant bonny take around the village in order to get the evil power out of the neighborhood and the country so the New Year of Icaka tomorrow will start with good spirit.

And finally we start a silent day, Nyepi. No traffic as usual. No sounds of machine ,engine even a song from a mp3 player. Believe or not... Balinese people save the earth at least one day in a year since along long long time ago..... Happy Participate on Nyepi day...


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