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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Barack Obama Booking 40 Flights to Bali

Barack Obama Booking 40 Flights to Bali

The arrival of U.S. President Barack Obama certainly make busy airport Ngurah Rai, Bali. Because there will be 40 times better flight carrying logistics and the party from the White House.

The airport authority did not want anything missed by even the slightest mistake that could potentially interfere with the arrival of Obama and the other countries president.

Commander Pangakalan Ngurah Rai, (Airport Military Base) Lieutenant (Pilot) Jumarto, said the safeguarding of the arrival of Obama's entourage will be a serious concern ranks.

"We have information related to the arrival of President Obama there will be approximately 40 times the flight to Ngurah Rai Airport," said Jumarto when contacted Legal, Monday (11/07/2011).

A C130 Hercules aircraft the U.S. Air Force arrived early this morning followed by late afternoon the same plane transporting other logistics.

Only, when asked when the certainty of the arrival of Obama, until now the Ngurah Rai air base can not be certainty from the State Secretariat. Previously, Jumarto informed Obama is expected to land on 16 November.

With the dense plane carrying aviation logistics and the White House entourage, various preparations have been made since the last few weeks. Airport Military Base ranks with other forces of the military and police planned to hold a final preparatory pre-assignment on November 11 to 14.

Meanwhile, the other heads of state scheduled to begin arriving in Bali on 16 and 17 November. Besides Obama will attend 18 heads of state or other officials at the ASEAN Summit and East Asia Summit.

For the safety of the Ngurah Rai airport environment, other than a Company Paskhas reinforced the Air Force, also backed-up equipment and commandos from the other elements of the TNI.

In addition to maintaining the security of aircraft and logistics, security is also focused along the route from the airport to the location of the ASEAN Summit and the heads of state stay at Nusa Dua

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